Malinda Suletsky

Life Coach and Transformational Mindset Coach

’m so glad you found my page. I am the Founder and CEO of MS Life Coach, My wellness Journey began in 2012, may my journey inspire yours At the age of 32 I found myself at the lowest point in life, I was stuck in a marriage I resented and a body that I felt didn’t belong to me. I remember waking up and wishing God would just take me out of this world, I lost all Joy for life, I was stuck and felt so alone. I wanted out of this 15 year marriage, but my fear of judgement from family and friends kept me stuck for another 6 months. I remember the day I left, like it was yesterday and I never looked back. I was scared, I had no home for myself or my daughters but I knew this risk was worth taking, Not only did I need to heal my mental state, but I needed to heal my sick body. I use techniques based on core psychological principles, asking key questions at key points underlying beliefs and allowing space for reflection, giving you an awareness and the tools you need to move forward towards your health, life and personal goals. We all sometimes feel stuck in life and , as your Life Coach it is my mission to stand in the gap for you and help empower you to take control of your life and wellness. The most difficult step you will ever take is saying “YES” to you. This simple yes is your first act of self-love. PS… Your not alone, we walk the same path together Your Friend in Wellness, Malinda