Maggie Schwan

Health Coach

As a child, I witnessed a great deal of illness in my family. I myself was chronically ill, and when I reached adulthood I decided I was tired of feeling so sick and tired! So, I focused on various nutrition strategies and exercise regimes and made great strides improving my health, but I discovered along the way that job stresses, sleep, relationships, financial stability, environment, etc. also had an impact on my health and wellbeing and often undermined the progress I had made. Or, that a life event and/or condition could create such roadblocks to my health goals. As I addressed (and continue to address) those things in my own life it awakened me to the lack of it in healthcare which is so heavily focused on diagnosis and/or disease versus the person as a whole. So, I began studying holistic nursing which teaches nurses to focus on the principles of holism: unity, wellness and the interrelationship of human beings and their environment. As I did, I developed a greater awareness and respect for the interconnectedness of all things. This awareness, brought with it an unsettled feeling, a yearning that I needed an avenue to really apply this practice which I wasn’t able to do in a traditional healthcare setting. This brought me to holistic health coaching, which allows me to bridge my passion for holistic nursing and integrative health & wellness coaching. Book No