Macie Thornhill


Macie is a Florida native whose life revolves around yoga, health, and nutrition. She is a registered and licensed dietitian in the states of Florida, Georgia, and Maine and holds a Mindfulness Based Eating Practices certification. She is also a registered 200 hour yoga instructor. Macie has experienced the challenges of poor eating habits firsthand. Not until she learned how to eat with balance, learn intuitive eating, and manage her stress did these habits stop. Macie’s experience with intuitive eating stems from her dedicated yoga practice and teaching since 2015, leading intuitive eating workshops online and in her community, and working one-on-one with individuals to meet their health goals. Macie helps individuals with similar challenges work on learning sustainable eating habits, intuitive eating practices, and stress reducing techniques. Her focus is to help her clients gain back control and find balance with their eating. Macie specializes in eating disorder recovery and intuitive eating practices.