Lisa Kamont

Health Coach

Lisa Kamont with Inspiring Health NC is a Certified International Integrative Nutrition Health Coach with a special focus on Applied Functional Medicine health coaching. She works to empower clients to put together the confusing puzzle pieces of chronic health dynamics in order to support them on their unique path to healing. Clients who may be struggling with their health often feel at their wits end and are unsure where to turn to find the true root cause of their health concerns. As a coach, mentor, and advocate Lisa is highly dedicated to her clients and works with each individual through the many facets of our health to uncover what may be at play in their unique body. Areas Lisa is particularly passionate about include hormone and thyroid health, toxicity, autoimmunity, gut health, and food sensitivities. Lisa studied with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and is currently pursuing advanced training with the School for Applied Functional Medicine. Her personal experience and professional training has allowed her to gain a wide perspective of holistic health in order to support clients on the path to wellness that is right for them. Coaching programs with Inspiring Health NC allow clients to receive unique and extensive education and inspiration toward a more abundant and empowered lifestyle.