Lily Wu

Acupuncture Physician

Welcome to LOA Acupuncture & Energy Healing! My name is Lily Wu, I am your primary Acupuncture Physician and energetic facilitator. I sincerely welcome you to our clinic and services where our core beliefs are self-empowerment, unlimited possibilities and joyful healthy living. My primary intent is to take part in this incredible journey with you to create the possibilities in health awareness in an energetic approach. Clinically through acupuncture and remotely without needles to create energetic shifts to enhance your well-being on multiple levels. About the philosophies: the Ancient Chinese way of life: The philosophy of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture not only see a person as a whole but also a whole as in conjunction with nature and reaching toward heaven (in the sense of spirituality and oneness attainment). People are urged to observe and maintain alignment with seasonal changes through the adjustment of activities and diets. Mirroring the nature as way to correlate with “the way of heaven”: Spring is about growth beginning and sprouting, Summer blooms, Fall and Winter conserves are examples how we plan our seasonal activities and mindset adjustments. The same concept can be applied onto the days, months, and seasons! Setting an intention for the day when you wake up in the morning, set new goals during the phase of new moon, renewing or plow the soil for gardening in the Spring or starting a new year with a resolutions are all examples on practical applications of the concept of what Spring represent. It is crucial to take preventative measures as well (hold off outdoor activities in the late nights or winter days, since it’s the time (Winter) recommended to conserve and restore our Qi / energy) and act in accordance to each seasonal theme to ensure a smooth energetic transition. ​ These demonstrate the way of life style to maintain a harmonious connection with nature and heaven. Someone who goes against the “laws of nature” will hinder their energy flow and physical health. Our body is designed to rectify and constantly regulating and heal itself; any short term issues will be easily resolved by the body itself. Long term injury or a habitual condition will require a commitment to change and heal. Besides seeking for assistance to shift the stuck energy, actively change of lifestyle and mindset are essential to rapid recovery and achieve joyous healthy living.