Leslie O’Neill

Health Coach

With over 25 years in the health and wellness industry I have learned through my own personal experience along with my education that our well being is directly related to the lifestyle we live . We are living longer but we are not living healthier. I learned the hard way that living a lifestyle of processed foods and high stress levels is not conducive for achieving my personal and professional goals and that is why I created a company that educates and supports a holistic approach towards better health. The Be Well Coach Inc. offers their clients customized and professional coaching support to ensure success in making the lifestyle changes that are crucial to living a healthy productive life . We work with individuals, groups and in the corporate environment. Our services can be done in person or virtually and our programs are customized to meet the needs of our client. We provide step by step strategies that will support the individual needs or our clients. Achieving great health is a life long journey that can be confusing and frustrating if you don’t have support along the way. In addition to our coaching support we also provide meal prepping and meal delivery locally which allows our customers to eat their way towards better health. Be Well Meals & Juice Bar is located in the Carolina Forest area of Myrtle Beach and we offer freshly pressed juices, handcrafted smoothies and in addition to our take out service we provide a full online menu that can be used for meal planning. We recently have added both adult and kids cooking classes and we are very excited with our latest addition ” Dorothy” the first healthy food truck in Myrtle Beach. To find out more about us please visit our website. Thanks the interest in my business and I would love to hear from you! Leslie “Great Health Starts on Your Plate”