Lee Irwin

Midlife Midwife

Lee S. Irwin is a “midwife for midlife”—an intuitive guide to the art and soul of women’s transformation. Lee is the founder of the Radiant Wise Woman pro-age movement, an international retreat leader, and the author of Radiant Wise Woman – Breaking Free from the Myths of Menopause and Aging. She gives women a map to feeling sexually alive and emotionally free. Thirty years of education and experience as an Occupational Therapist, professional coach, and entrepreneur, as well as her personal journey, give her a powerful perspective that helps women find the gifts that await them in their middle years and beyond. Lee’s passion is helping women uncover their unique beauty and wild, orgasmic wisdom. She is answering the call of her indigenous ancestors to share her original medicine as a healer, artist, mother, and grandmother. She enjoys life with her husband in Birmingham, Alabama, in a confluence of rivers and ancient mountains. She can often be found drumming in the forest or star-gazing with her family.