Laney Marie

Licensed Massage Therapist

The journey of spiritual healing began in 2016 when Laney faced several life circumstances head-on and began to witness how life was being directed from places of abuse. After receiving a very powerful wake up call from struggling with PTSD, eating disorders, physical and substance abuse and the many challenges that correlated with them. As these challenges were becoming increasingly loud, she came very close to ending it all. After reaching out to a colleague in the field and was introduced to Sacred Journey Therapy, spiritual healing facilitated through Cranial Sacral Therapy. She fell in love with the work and enrolled at The Sacred Journey Institute located in Illinois. Soon after, throughout this training she anchored in how changing her life meant living from the present and not the past. Not only was she able to lift herself out of a very dark time, she created an illuminated shift from deeply buried patterning and cycles that contribute to keeping an individual locked into pains and suffering. Sometimes very harsh circumstances. After looking fear and evil in the face, she has immense gratitude for what has been given to her in return. The opportunity to help others is an incredible blessing. Life is sweet!