Kym Caporale

Acupuncture Phycisian

Her list of accomplishments and accreditations are impressive, but it’s her passion for integrative medicine that has Dr. Kym Caporale’s acupuncture in St. Petersburg patients raving. Her patient-centered approach incorporates the best of modern and holistic medicines and sets her treatments apart from standard protocols. A Florida licensed and board certified acupuncture physician, Dr Caporale holds Masters degrees in oriental medicine, communication disorders and education. She is a recent doctoral graduate of Pacific College, San Diego. She has over 40 years of experience in clinical settings and shares her expertise with clients and practitioners throughout the United States. In addition to running her clinical practice and offering acupuncture in Tampa Bay Florida, she is an adjunct instructor at East West College, a clinical supervisor and sits on the institution’s oversight committee. She believes in a personalized approach to medicine, combining therapies as needed to assist with disease prevention and elimination of stress and pain through immune system enhancement. Her infertility patients often experience success as Dr Caporale works in tandem with their reproductive endocrinologists. She partners with Tampa Bay’s finest physicians to offer patients a comprehensive approach toward optimal health and wellness. Dr Kym Caporale has been featured on WFTS Channel 11 for her success in the field of infertility and holds Alice Domar’s Mind-Body certification, achieved through Harvard University. A board member of RESOLVE of Tampa Bay, an affiliate of the National Infertility Association, she is a member of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and is a past board member for the Florida Oriental Medical Association. She volunteers and does acupuncture at St. Petersburg Free Clinic and is a board member of Women With Purpose. Her most recent achievement has been with the position of Clinical Dean of East West College of Natural Medicine in Sarasota, Florida She has built a beautifully successful CBD company as well as educating patients and friends about the many health benefits of this magic natural product. Visit to see the organically grown, organic and natural products with her signature blend. Her latest projects is authoring a book entitled Beyond the Needle, which connects the intent to heal with the spirituality of the healer, and reaching the deep drive within to go beyond. The book creates a soul searching of dreams and potentials for anyone, not only the practitioner of Integrative Medicine. Dr. Caporale is also a motivational speaker and educator and hosts Conferences and Workshops all over the United States.