Kurt Richie


A bit more, to know your acupuncturist

Kurt grew up in the historic and beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. His educational and vocational paths have taken him to Chicago, Michigan, Puerto Rico and stops here and there from Cuba to South Dakota. He comes from a long line of inventors and those who like to tinker. He has applied these native skills all of his life.

Kurt applies his curiosity and love of adventure to everything he does from acupuncture to parenting to building motorcycles, masonry stoves and currently archery bows from raw materials.

Kurt began his journey with acupuncture through dealing with his oldest son’s health problems. Acupuncture brought relief when western medicine reached its limitations. Now, the Ritchie family uses acupuncture for everything from sore throats and sprained ankles to stress relief.

He has enjoyed many roles in life:  minister, agricultural and machine shop worker, residential aide and home manager to the developmentally disabled, as well as retail management, court translator, and short-term advocate with Christian Peacemaker Teams for the Lakota Sioux of South Dakota, Mayan Indians of the Mexican highlands, and the local inhabitants of the Puerto Rican island of Vieques.

Acupuncture has been a natural extension of Kurt’s work with people.

Kurt celebrated his 50th birthday with a 114.5 mile bike ride, and every summer day enjoys the lush wonders of his garden, and every winter evening enjoys the fireside. “Food as Medicine” has been a 1 credit course he has taught at Indiana University East. In his own cooking there are often secret ingredients which are better left unknown.