Kim McCauley

Craniosacral Therapist

My approach to bodywork and energy healing is unique, ranging from specific Upledger techniques for craniosacral therapy (including mouth work and somato emotional release) to a variety of energy-healing methods (chakra clearing, body scanning, Reiki sessions, Awakenings, Healing Touch, etc). I have been a Reiki Master for at least 16 years and have learned quite a bit about many other energy healing modalities. I’ve taught Reiki classes as well as workshops on intuition. Because my clients’ needs come first, I take time to discuss what kinds of therapies best fit their needs. My Philosophy of Care I’ve witnessed clients experience life-changing moments during an energy healing session and had always wanted to expand my practice in an official capacity. I eventually retired from my position as a University administrator and changed careers to more fully devote myself to craniosacral therapy an read more… What You Can Expect On Your First Visit Before meeting a client for the first time, I like to know their needs and previous experience with CST or energy therapy. We can do this via email or phone. Afterward, I schedule a treatment room with the Central Florida School of Massage Therapy on Lakemont Ave. in Winter Park. During their first CST session, clients are aware of my gentle approach and sensitivity to their body’s needs. Sometimes clients ask me how I “know” what’s going on….and all I can say is that I pay attention to their muscles, the alignment of their body, its tensions and energy patterns. Clients always leave a session feeling a sense of relief and/or release of tension or emotional “heaviness.” If a client comes to me for energy healing, it’s somewhat unpredictable what pops up, but it’s always helpful and often enlightening. They tell me that they can feel the energy moving around them, and some have visions or a feeling of relief during their sessions. My Inspiration If you experience frequent neck pain, back pain, or headaches, a simple massage will help for a few days, but CST will help even more. It’s a gentle approach that helps your body realign itself. Clients remain fully-clothed (although comfortable clothing is best, pants/shorts less heavy than blue jeans).