Kennette Oldham LMT, LDT, LLCC

Massage Therapist

Kennette Oldham LMT, LDT, LLCC I graduated from the Colorado Institute of Massage Therapy in April of 2000, and have been in the massage field for over 18 years. I have been in committed to supporting health and whole-body integration for almost 20 years. I received my Massage Therapy certification from the Colorado Institute of Massage Therapy in (April of) 2000, followed by a certification in Neuromuscular Therapy, which addresses the trigger points in a muscle. I am also a Certified Lymphatic and Lymphedema therapist who works with swelling and inflammation in the body, resulting in a quicker recovery time for pre and post-surgery, less chronic swelling, as well as enhanced functioning of the immune system. I have continued to expand my skill set with extensive training in other modalities that include: CranioSacral therapy, Lymphatic Brain therapy, Visceral therapy, and Heart Centered therapy. These therapies can help to unwind and release restrictions in the tissue, such as the brain trauma and pain connection, as well as, connective tissue restrictions throughout the body. These restrictions can have a pull of 2000 lbs. per square inch which might explain why no matter how hard you try to maintain a good posture you give in to the old ways of sitting, standing, etc. Having learned these different therapies allows me to aid clients from children to adults. I love to help people return to optimum health and take great pleasure in seeing their progress and the effect this unique approach to body work has on their wellbeing and quality of life. In my spare time, I enjoy hiking my canyon with my dogs, riding my horse and just generally staying active, expressing myself through theatre, and spending time with family.