Kenneth Friedenberg

Health and Wellness Coach

Ken Friedenberg BM, MS, ND, Phd under completion. Co – Founder / Co – owner and Vice President of Graceful Earth Inc. (Formerly “Health Alternatives”) Ken has worked for 20 plus years in natural medicine in Europe, Asia and the US. His work includes collaborations with many leading edge physicians, doctors, and natural health care practitioners. He has developed and formulated many of his own line of vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements which are currently being used throughout the US and Japan. Ken has been featured and interviewed in the US News and World report magazine, 2007 for his ApoE / Alzheimer’s & Atherosclerosis gene testing program which also appeared on NBC and ABC TV news. Many of his clients have also been interviewed in the second leading woman’s magazine in the country “First For Woman / On The Go” . His goal is to help people take control of their own health and live to their genetic potential through credible scientific approaches to preventive, customized and natural health care. Something most people don’t know about Ken is that he used to belong to the Big Brother organization through which he spent lunch and basketball time every week as big brother to young Clyde Johnson who lived in the housing projects of Indiana and that he used to fast 1 – day every month and pay the money that he would spend on food to “The Hunger Project”. Specialties: Alternative Health Management, Negotiations, International.