Keira Lani

Qigong Practitioner

Keira Lani helps healers master their energy to unleash their true gifts. She creates healing Tree Gong retreats by connecting people to their own true nature through connection with trees, transformational breathwork, mindful movement, meditation and journaling. She offers personal medical qigong healing sessions and online energy cultivation courses utilizing her skills in tai chi, qigong, yoga, transformational breathwork and meditation. Keira is a writer of prose and poetry, a speaker, and a performer. She uses her artistic voice to help others access creative power and live authentically from the heart. Keira Lani has been a lifelong spiritual seeker and energy awareness practitioner. She began her self guided meditation practice at the age of five. She spent much of her childhood alone in nature, climbing trees, writing songs, reading and practicing yoga. Her teenage years were spent pursuing theatrical ventures and studying Spanish. She has dedicated her adult life to exploring esoteric philosophy and healing movement arts. She discovered in her early twenties that through deep listening, she could communicate with trees. Keira Lani combines ancient self-healing arts with scientific body knowledge to create a powerful transformational experience. She bravely explores her inner landscape and shadow self so that she can guide you on your inner journey.