Katie Bielefeld

Health Coach

I’m a Women’s Strength & Conditioning Coach. I am the owner of a gym called Calloused Fitness and I’m the founder of Project: Live Happy On Purpose. Originally, I wanted to either be a farmer and take over my family farm or a Child Life Specialist. Health and Fitness wasn’t even on my radar until after I had back to back pregnancies (10 months apart) which dredged up a lot of childhood memories that, up until then, I’d been able to suppress.

I’m a survivor of childhood abuse that twisted me up for a long time. I attempted to end my own life in high school, and I live with CPTSD as a result of those adverse childhood experiences.

At the time, we didn’t have money or good insurance, and I’d written off therapy after too many wasted sessions as a young girl.

I needed to fix myself and I just didn’t know how. I thought it was by fixing my body – and to an extent it probably was. I’d despised my body and what it represented for so long. I couldn’t afford a personal trainer, but it turned out I could afford to scrape up the money to *be* a personal trainer. I decided to learn everything I could to train myself by to health.

Personal training opened the door to more NEED search based personal growth. A degree in exercise science, numerous certifications, becoming a certified coach practitioner, and ultimately founding a cause that funds more research for survivors of CSA.