Karin Whitbeck

Massage Therapist

Years ago a friend asked me if I have ever thought about Massage Therapy as a career? My answer was NO! He must have seen a quality in me and I took that to heart and trusted he was on to something and invested in an introductory class in massage. I was HOOKED! I love the joy and connection I get with my clients. To help them return to doing what they love after being in pain for so long is very rewarding. A big part of my work is to teach my clients to listen to their bodies, know what to do with that information, focus and take action. The most inspiring part is to see my client when they “Get it.” Taking a look at the whole puzzle (where the problem stems from) vs just a piece (the current pain or symptom) is where our journey begins, TOGETHER! With Bodywork and BodyMind Coaching, you can begin to move forward towards the life you have been dreaming of. I work with clients that are ready to do the work and invest in themselves. They understand I can’t do it for them. They have to do their part to get to the other side with a new outlook on life! I received my massage license in 1994 and I believe it’s important to continue investing in my education and myself. To always continue learning and growing with my profession. Some of the modalities in my ‘tool box’ are Myofascial release, CranioSacral therapy, Whole Body View, Lymphatic Drainage and BodyMind Coaching. A combination of techniques are used to ensure the best experience and result at every massage treatment. Clients comment that my massages are ‘very different’ than others they have had. One of my favorite things to do is boating. I love the water and that probably has something to do with where I was born. My parents were boaters too. While on vacation, my Mother told my Father that the baby is coming, (she’s a nurse) and told him what to do. I was born on the boat, almost 3 weeks early…oops!