Karin Charlotta L Weiri

Family Therapist

You struggle through the day and realize that you are your own worst enemy. You do the positive affirmations and yet you have knee jerk reactions that keep you stuck in behavior loops you know you want to escape. You want to have peace, get good sleep, and live your optimal life. When we get to the root cause of of what keeps you running old tapes in your head with the negative self talk, the rest happens organically. I work from a holistic perspective using frequency therapy, Reiki, and recommend natural supplements to bring your body back into homeostasis to where your body does it’s own healing. I work with my clients to get them relief as quickly as possible. You have suffered long enough already. I use EMDR to help resolve the underlying causes that keep you stuck. These are usually past trauma that are frozen the way they were experienced that replay themselves and run your subconscious mind. The majority of clients I work with find relief within 1 – 6 sessions. Are you tired of being stuck in a rut? When you are ready for a change, I am here ready to help you make that change. I am available via telehealth or in person.