Julia Joines

Muscle Activation Techniques Practitioner

I built my business from the ground up, personally shaping and creating every element from my own experiences. I’ve always been inspired to create something that provided all the things I wish I had. I grew up doing lots of activities outdoors and have always been competitive and sporty my entire life. Working with elite athletes and being an athlete myself I trained my body as I ‘should’ yet I found my body, especially my back, not holding up. I knew how to train but was also getting beat up all the time and was finding that I needed something more to help me maintain for longevity. From my own body battles I found M.A.T. and it completely changed the way I trained, treated my body, and listened to what my body was telling me. I loved helping people and LOVED working out but at the time didn’t have the knowledge or guidance to figure out what was best for me or how to fit this into my passions. After many years of blood, sweat, and tears my business was born. I started learning everything I could to help unfold what I was missing. I slowly started experimenting and putting myself around people that I knew could give me the education and wisdom I didn’t received in school or textbooks. I started training people with out-of-the-ordinary circumstances so I could not only challenge myself, but because I genuinely cared about helping people who had been turned away from so many. I have helped many clients get from point A to “I never thought I would be able to do this” by sharing my knowledge and caring attitude because I was listening. Anything from clients who wanted to lose a few simple pounds to clients who could barely walk. It fires me up to see the light in someones eyes when they realize that what they once dreamt of could actually be something in their reality. I am incredibly grateful for everyone who has believed in me and as for anyone new I can’t wait to see your progress! LET’S DO THIS!