Joy Dushey

Holistic Coach

A bit on who I am. I’m a NYC based holistic and spiritual life guide, transformative coach and Breathwork energy healer. I utilize a variety of supportive esoteric modalities and neuroscience. We work with meditation techniques, crystals, reiki, sound healing, as well as somatics, intuitive therapeutic coaching, and Mother Nature herself. I’m also a creative, and a shapeshifter, I work with spirit and am continually inspired with curiosity and wonder toward world change. The common thread of what I’m up to is living boldly my core desire to help inspire growth in others and create positive impact in the world by sharing what’s worked well for me. My greatest joy is to give others a means to awaken to their own great love, joy, and purpose. Years ago I created something called The Joyful Approach that emerged during a great transformation in my life after suffering with grief and illness from the tragic loss of my brother. I suffered for years with sadness, PTSD & depression leading to an Ischemic stroke when I was 29 years old and the mother of two young girls. With recovering from the stroke, I began to question how I was living my life and realized that until then, I’d been living a life without true meaning. I was unfulfilled, escaping and numbing. When I look back now, the entire process was an awakening onto a holistic and spiritual path. I felt the possibility of re-birth growing in me and began the journey into deep healing and learning. I was fascinated by the miracles that quickly followed, and realized my life was destined to intertwine my own growth and the sharing of my story with the world. The Joyful Approach which is a life system that combines the upgrading of practical daily disciplines around eating, sleeping, exercising, breathing, and thinking, with deeper spiritual work addressing core values, self-love, intentionality, and authenticity. The approach allows for living in true flow of life and for the unfolding of our best and highest selves. We can live in an embodied way with love, Joy, and freedom. We can live in alignment and wholeness and in who we truly are. We can come home to our true essence. I hope you’ll join me on The Joyful Approach journey… With love and abundant blessings, -Joy