John Morgan


With over 26 years of private chiropractic practice, Dr. John Morgan developed Morgan Method, which is an integrated, comprehensive approach to the evaluation and treatment of acute and chronic pain. Dr. Morgan is a partner to his patients as they take control of their own health. Morgan Method is effective due to the integration of multiple treatments that can each be stand-alone interventions. Separately, they work well, but when combined, the outcomes are remarkable. Dr. Morgan incorporates the treatments below differently for each patient, and each patient receives a personalized and individual treatment program. • Activator and Traditional Chiropractic Techniques • Certified Posture Exercise Professional: Picture analysis and correction • ROCKTAPE: Kinesiology tape for pain, posture and performance • Massage Therapy • Cold Laser Therapy • Microcurrent Point Stimulation: Needle-free therapy based on principles of acupuncture • Nutrition and Exercise As a former high school, college and New York Jets football player and All-American sprint triathlete, Dr. Morgan can help athletes of all ages to recover from injuries and possibly improve their performance. Swimmers, runners and cyclists excel from receiving treatment with the Morgan Method.