Johannah Conant

Body-Mindfulness Coach

Radiant. Soulful. Connected. My name is Johannah and I, like you, haven’t always had it easy. Here’s a laundry-list of some of my not-so-fine moments: * Diagnosed with stage metastatic 3 cancer in 2014 * Abused drugs & alcohol to mask my inner pain * 60-lbs overweight * Suicidal * Health conditions of osteoarthritis, sciatica, neuropathy, panic attacks, depression, and anxiety * Financially struggling * Abusive relationships * Deeply isolated and void of intimacy Can you relate? I hope not BUT regardless, I found a way forward. I hired a coach and dove into healing that began to massively shift my experiences of the world and my understanding of my purpose within it. In 3 months, I was able to: * Lose 40lbs * Wean myself of all medications, including high dose antidepressants * Put down the nightly bottle of tequila * Be pain-free in my body * Feel and open my heart * Create a 30% income increase After two years, I added these to the list: * Deepened into my healing work journey and stepped into Coaching * Sold my home and left my unfulfilling career as a therapist in Ohio and followed my heart to to Colorado * Dove into full time entrepreneurship * Connected with dear family in Colorado that I was unaware even existed when I moved across the country * Listened to and surrendered to my calling * Doubled my corporate salary in my first year of entrepreneurship * Created loving, conscious community of lovers and friends * Living in a body that feels vibrant, alive and free * Teaching and practicing Tantra as a way of meeting life I am so excited for you to experience the emergence of your own gifts and break free from your old patterns of pain, in your body, mind and heart. When you come home to the body– life is brighter, bigger and more wondrous than you could ever imagine! This is why I am here. To support all women in embodying their fullest radiance to experience the sweet preciousness of life!