Jimena Yantorno

Spiritual Healer

Is a free Spirit, Star child born in the city of Pereira in the beautiful country of Colombia. My mission at this time is to help others to re-connect to the Creative Source, thus living a more fulfilled and happy life. I am a Spiritual Healer bringing fun and easy to use Tools for Conscious Living, Massage, Natural Healing techniques and intuitive readings to facilitate transformational processes in individuals that want to take action NOW in their lives. All of us could have a balanced life, that is why I am inviting you to learn to know yourself better and to bring to your life all of those gifts that the Universe has given to us. I am a Traditional Reiki Master Teacher, certified teacher for Quest Mastery School Levels I & II- Archangel Michael, and other self-growth aspects. My other profession that I love is Accounting, and I provide Consulting Services for Small Business, from the perspective that your business is an extension of your dreams. Let’s manifest together the life of our dreams, and be successful…!!!!. Much love to you all, Jimena ” Anapura