Jill Avery

Certified Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner

Jill Avery’s Spiritual name is Dharam Avatar Kaur, meaning the princess/lioness who loves to walk on the path of righteousness manifesting God with every step. Jill is a Certified Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner, a Beyond Quantum Healing Practitioner and a Kundalini Yoga Instructor. She is also currently working on her PhD in Natural Medicine as well as her certification as a Medical Intuitive. ​Jill’s training of the function of the subconscious mind uncovers why removal of negative emotions, programs, beliefs, karmas and patterns are vital in achieving peace and happiness. This could be accomplished though hypnosis and kundalini. By healing the inner child, forgiving and loving themselves and others, being grateful for all that they have and deepening their connection with a Higher Power, her clients are getting to the root of their issues rather than dealing with just the symptoms. The subconscious mind controls 95% of our lives, meaning we are living by negative programs, beliefs, emotions, karmas and patterns we are not even aware of. This causes blockages to occur, no matter how hard we try to fix them. By reprograming the subconscious mind, we can begin live up to our full potential. Services offered: achieve maximum potential, heal relationships, find love within themselves and others, discover/heal physical/emotional issues, attract abundance, learn how past lives affect their lives today, understand the source of phobias and self-induced limitations, realize life’s purpose Areas of specialty: Quantum Healing Hypnosis, Beyond Quantum Healing, Kundalini Yoga, Meditation & Chanting Philosophical Approach: With the belief and willingness of the client, life changing personal revelations could be uncovered. This information empowers the individual moving forward. The combination of Quantum Healing Hypnosis, Beyond Quantum Healing and Kundalini Yoga is a true awakening to one’s unlimited potential. Learn who you really are and live your life without limitations.