Jessie Miller

Naturopathic Doctor

My journey to Naturopathic school was driven by an early desire to work in the health care field. Shadowing an orthopedic surgeon in high school, I discovered early that although I greatly appreciate that we have these types of interventions, I wanted to focus on the “why” of diseases and really get to the root cause to help people long term. I went to CU Boulder for my undergrad in Integrative physiology where I studied the human body, exercise science, and continued to explore what path I wanted to take. During my time there I was a physical therapy aid, worked for an Acupuncture and Chinese herbalist, but most importantly discovered the alternative medicine field both personally and educationally. My path to Naturopathy had begun! A lot happened in the next few years…I got married to my wonderful and supportive husband Russ, moved to Seattle, WA and started the ND program at Bastyr University. I also had a son in my 3rd year of school. After graduation we moved back to the state we love, Colorado. My focus is on general Naturopathic family medicine and love to help all ages of people. I do have a passion and additional training in digestive health, Naturopathic pediatrics, women’s health including fertility, preconception care, prenatal/postpartum support, and hormones, as well as physical medicine. I have gone through doula training, have learned craniosacral therapy and visceral manipulation, and am level 2 certified in kinesio taping. I believe that the human touch is a very powerful healing tool. ​ I look forward to helping you and your family feel your best.