Jessica Thurman

Transformational Coach and Breathwork Facilitator

As a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Transformational Coach, and Breathwork Facilitator, I started with a simple and powerful mission; to remind women of their divine worth and infinite potential, regardless of the challenges they’ve faced in their past. I’ve spent a large portion of my life seeking ways to heal from past trauma (mentally, physically, and spiritually), to love and accept myself fully, and to ultimately create a life that radiates authenticity, power, and purpose. Nothing brings me more joy than to watch my clients experience this too. My personal journey toward healing began in my late twenties when out of nowhere I started to experience depression, anxiety, frequent panic attacks, extreme fatigue, and just an overall feeling of hopelessness. Years of suppressed emotional pain, trauma, and living an unhealthy lifestyle started to manifest in my physical body. This was my first glimpse into the interconnectedness of the mind, body, and spirit. I made a decision to throw away the prescription medications and enrolled in a program for holistic nutrition. This gave me the tools that I needed to heal my own body and through holistic health coaching I helped other women do the same. But I started to realize that physical healing was just one piece of the overall puzzle. Even though I was now eating healthy and teaching my clients to do the same, mental and spiritual health still needed to be addressed. Despite what it looked like on the outside, I was deeply struggling with low self worth and obsessive thoughts that kept me feeling stuck in so many areas of my life. Through my work with both a Somatic Therapist and Spiritual Life Coach, I immersed myself in more learning which led to Transformational Coaching and Breathwork Training. As I started to incorporate daily mindfulness practices like prayer, meditation, breath work, and consciously shifting out of old thought patterns, those trapped emotions from unresolved pain and trauma started to shift and transform. I became more present in my body and experienced what it means to “feel in order to heal”. I also began to realize that when we love, honor, and nourish our “whole” selves, real transformation happens. My journey has inspired a deeper desire to empower and support transformation in my client’s lives. It literally sets my soul on fire to create a safe and loving space for women as they tap into the innate power that has been inside of them all along. This work is done through one to one coaching programs, breathwork sessions, transformational online programs, and group coaching platforms. I specialize in areas such as self-awareness, breathwork, meditation, inner child work, and growth mindset coaching to name just a few. Our world as a collective whole desperately needs nourishment right now. As we begin to love and honor our whole selves, we become better equipped to love and honor each other. When I’m not coaching you’ll find me hiking and exploring the majestic Colorado Mountains, traveling, snowboarding, mountain biking, reading, breathing, and enjoying life with my husband Joe and our Husky “Wolfie”. Sending you infinite love, nourishment, and healing! XO