Jerry Zeiger

Alchemical Hypnotherapist

One thing I love about the work I do is that I’m not trying to give advice or talk you into the “right,” “smart,” or even “socially acceptable” way to be. Nor do I ask you to explain your behavior, or analyze your motivations. I don’t ask you “why do you do that?” Or “what were you thinking?” I don’t imagine that I have some great wisdom I’ve acquired that I can impart to you to “fix” you and set you on your proper path. Nope. My practice involves no prescriptions, formulas, rules, analysis, or even diagnoses. All I do is create a space for you to find the deep roots of your distress, unhealthy behaviors, or ruts you find yourself mired in. And then I guide you to discover your own healing resources—resources within you that can transform your life, sometimes in astonishingly rapid fashion. So many times I’ve heard people I’ve worked say things like “I’ve been in talk therapy for seven years and I never got to this place.” That’s because we don’t talk about your problem (except to find out what you want help with). By tapping into the wisdom of your subconscious mind, we get past your defensive, analytic, surface, ego-based thoughts, and allow the healing to occur spontaneously, much as an acupuncturist uses her skills to stimulate the body’s healing genius. Because it turns out your psyche is no different from your body in that regard. Your spirit has its own chi, so to speak. Because, really, chances are you have a pretty good handle on why you are the way you are, or do what you do. You don’t need a whole lot of help figuring out that part of it. It’s actually making changes you’re interested in. And guess what?—it doesn’t have to be some drawn-out, arduous process. In just a few sessions, you’ll find you’re able to free yourself of seemingly intractable patterns whether concerning your self-talk, relationships, or behavioral blocks, or what you will. Really, the hardest part of all this might be getting you to believe that you don’t have to be stuck with the way you are or the way things have been. Whatever beliefs you hold that keep you stuck, we will dissolve, resolve, absolve you of. All that’s required on your part is making an appointment. You really have nothing to lose but your problems. Why do I say that? Because, if you’re not happy with our work after just one session. I’ll refund my entire fee.• Still have questions? Contact me and I’ll be glad to answer them—no pressure! I look forward to helping you heal your life! •Refund offer is good for one session only. Jerry Zeiger Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist Certified Chemical Dependency Counselor