Jenny Kennedy

Yoga Therapist

I fell in love with yoga at my first vinyasa class in 2004. Since age 10, I’ve lived with Crohn’s disease, which involves chronic pain, abdominal surgeries, fatigue, off-and-on prednisone therapy and an all-consuming anxiety that stems from never feeling in control. My mat became my sanctuary. When I was practicing, I wasn’t consumed with worry about my stomach or anything else going on in my life. Through conscious breathing and movement, I felt calm, but alert. I realized that I am so much more than my diagnosis and that I could manage my physical, mental, and emotional health with a whole body holistic approach. I began to study nutrition, breathing techniques, and essential oils, and my practice became a main source of strength, peace and healing in my life. Having a chronic illness makes you focus on everything that is wrong with your body. Yoga focuses on everything that is right. After many years of personal practice, I transitioned my career from an elementary school teacher to a yoga teacher. I completed my 200 hours with Victoria Haffer in 2015 and my 300 hour certification with Jacqui Bonwell in 2020.