Jennifer Ragazzo

Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach

My health journey started back as a teenager when I was diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis. At the time I did not know life without the debilitating pain that came with my periods and relied on birth control pills and then surgeries and years of artificial hormones that put me in a state of menopause. During these years I developed horrible acne that I was given medication for, horrible migraines that I was given medication for, horrible anxiety and depression that I was given medication for and a thyroid disease that, you guessed it, I was given medication for. It was not until I wanted to get pregnant and couldn’t that I began to even think outside of all of the medications and look at what else could be affecting my body and my hormones. I was blessed with my first two children via IVF and in my attempt to get pregnant with them I began exploring alternative healing modalities, massively changed the foods I was putting in my body and the products I used on my body. When I unexpectedly became pregnant with my third child I was in awe that my body was functioning so well, on its own, without all of the prescriptions I consumed for over a decade of my life. My healing has continued since that time, well over a decade later, as I have addressed years of damage done to my microbiome, hormones, thyroid and adrenals as well as the emotional component surrounding it all. My health journey has led me down a path of intense learning and a passion for sharing hope with others. Hope that our bodies can heal, hope that our bodies can find homeostasis and hope that there are always answers when we seek them.