Jennifer Bralick

Health Coach

So… Who is Jen, RN, anyway? When you’re looking for a health coach, you’re looking for a partnership. Learn a little more about me and see if you think we’d be a good match! If you haven’t guessed yet, my name is Jen, and I’m an RN. Wow, right? In addition to my hospital experience in med/surg and emergency nursing, I am also a CPR instructor (check the link above if you need classes!), Air Force certified Self-Aid Buddy Care instructor, and Search and Rescue/Recovery team medic in the Texas State Guard. ​ My passion is for helping people stay OUT of the hospital (I’d much rather take care of you outside the hospital than in it!) by coaching the skills needed to manage chronic health conditions or maintain/maximize good health. I love working with athletes and others with defined physical goals. I’m also passionate about emergency and disaster response. In my other life, I am also a fantasy author and illustrator. I love anything with feathers, and almost everything with wings (living or mechanical). When I’m not working, find me hiking in the woods or curled up with a good book.