Jen Heartfire

Shamanic Healer

Take a look beyond the veil with Jen Heartfire, Sacred Heart Shaman, as she channels messages using oracle cards and insight from God, angels, ascended masters, and occasionally past loved ones. Her natural gifts to see beyond illusions and feel deeply into individuals and situations has been a part of her world since a young child as she was born a natural energy healer, intuitive, and empath. Core studies in Peruvian & Norse Shamanism, 1 year of Mediumship. Afterward guided by spirit, to take a shaman walk in Hawaii along w/her 3 kids for about 2 yrs. Shamanic sessions include-soul retrieval(retrieving lost soul parts from traumatic experiences), psychic surgery chakra clearing, healing the inner child, healing past lives, ancestral wounds, retrieving power animals, cord-cutting, clearing the confusion, repeating life patterns-karmic patterns, guiding spirits into the light. Awakening your energy with kundalini, and filling you with unconditional love. Each session brings in a deeper sense of peace and serenity with an increase in energy, awareness, and intuition. Her gentle spirit will give you compassionate yet direct insight into your heart, and soul to assist you in moving in a direction serving your highest good in the now.