Jeffrey E. Berger

Certified Holistic Mental Wellness Coach

In August 2016, I realized that traveling a traditional path of working in corporate America was not in alignment with my personal growth needs, both mentally and emotionally. My personal achievements, ultimate goals of making a significant difference philanthropically, personally and spiritually were not being met. My health was failing as I was following a BROKEN system! MY PERSONAL TESTIMONIAL: Learning about Gut-Brain-Heart-Axis Health has allowed me to lose 60 lbs., reverse my Type II Diabetes, come off of five medications helping me to have increased physical energy, enhanced mental acuity and overall emotional well-being. For someone who is 66 years old I feel like I’m in my 30’s. My holistic lifestyle continues. I am fortunate to be associated with an incredible community that has as its core values love, integrity, innovation, service and humility I am a Humanitarian Entrepreneur, a Social Media Digital Coach, Certified Health & Integrative Wellness Coach on the path to ultimately becoming a Servant Leader. Ask me how! I love what I get to choose to do. I’m blessed to be having profound impacts on other lives by providing value, direction, utilizing innovative systems and a unique platform that is Science-Backed, Clinically Trialed, Vegan-Friendly, Plant-Based AND Award-Winning. It’s a Game Changer for those who have an open mind and are committed to changing their overall physical and mental wellness. I Am A Disruptor. Do you want to be one with me? Game Changers Change Before Change Is Needed. And that is exactly what I’m doing!