Jean Turner

Holistic Health Nurse

Jean Cox-Turner, RN, MS, HNB-BC, RNC-OB is an experienced registered nurse and board-certified holistic health nurse coach currently serving her patients at Spirit of a Warrior Life Enterprises, LLC located in Stockbridge, Georgia. Her mission is to help others achieve and maintain optimum wellness. Jean’s knowledge and profound proficiency have laid the foundation for her to be the accomplished and highly sought-after author, speaker, and wellness expert that she is today. To begin her career, she earned her nursing degree from The University of Texas at El Paso. From there, she went on to attend Troy University where she earned her Master of Science degree in Healthcare Management. With a 25-year Army career (that includes service in the Iraq War and providing nursing support to the people of New Orleans post Hurricane Katrina), she has taken a warrior’s approach at inspiring others to be good stewards of their health. Jean provides life-changing resources and services through media, published materials, and workshops for all ages. She is the host of “Health Chat with Coach Jean,” Radio Show on 1570 WIGO AM Atlanta and a world-wide syndicated podcast featured on Positive Power XXI Media and available on Apple Podcast, iHEART,, Spotify and Furthermore, she is a licensed minister and a founding leader of her church’s Health and Wellness Ministry. In 2018, the support she offered others hit close to home as she experienced a sudden moment that changed her life. This sudden moment further fortified her primary focus on self-care for optimum wellness for those living with chronic illness, disease (particularly those undergoing chemotherapy treatments), and how the practice of self-care greatly impacts health outcomes and one’s personal success. On a more personal note, she is a loving wife, mother, and lovingly referred to as “G-Ma” by her grandkids. In her spare time, the former marathon runner enjoys reading and traveling. A Holistic Health Nurse Coach refers to a RN who focuses on holistic health by enhancing the overall wellness of their patients. Nurse coaches combine the skills they’ve learned in the medical field with lifestyle coaching to help their patients elevate their mental, physical, and spiritual health.