Janice Naimy

Health Coach

My health journey started in 2002 when I became a Personal Trainer, helping people regain strength, flexibility, and improving their health. I started working for the YMCA and eventually had my own personal training studio. I returned to the Y to work on a bigger platform of health innovation to improve community health.

My career path has led me to work in collaboration with all levels of staff and community leaders to change policies and physical surroundings to bring healthy living to all people.  I have experience in facilitating evidence based programs and was a trainer for Y-USA for the YMCA’s Diabetes Prevention, Blood Pressure Self-Monitoring and the Healthy Weight Loss programs.

In 2019 I left to be closer to home and take care of my mother who suffers with Alzheimer’s. Helping her with everyday tasks and providing healthy meals and snacks to keep her healthy at this stage of her life. I became a Certified Health Coach in 2019 with the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute. In 2022 I achieved my Master Certified Health Coach certification, again learning more about helping people live their best lives.

My passion is helping people navigate their health journeys finding what works for the individual to make the healthy choice the easy choice. I enjoy the one on one with clients and listening to their needs, to guide them in making the choices that work for them. In my off time I enjoy spending time with my husband, and our Labrador, Sunny. I enjoy being outside and gardening with an aeroponic system, and creating healthy meals.