Janet Heiner

Health Coach

I strive to empower people through fitness, mindfulness, and nutrition to experience their optimal best, and balance their body /mind so they work in sync, as they’re meant to. The combination of real food and fitness yields strength in both body and mind as you age, so you can confidently experience a better quality of life for a longer period of time… and that is very empowering! I (as best I can) practice, (though don’t preach:)) the things I teach to offer more skills to clients AND to prevent certain challenges of my own from haunting me. I use techniques specific to client’s concerns and traits. Due to the plethora of health oriented coaches, I’d like to clarify I am NOT a Registered Dietician or Nutritionist; I am a certified Precision Nutrition Coach, and am in studies with an awesome Functional Nutrition Program, which focuses on the root cause of one’s issue(s). I will happily refer out to a licensed Nutritionist when one’s wants or needs are out of my scope of practice, where one may choose to solely work with them, or both of us! Actually, I regard myself as an “Empowerment Coach” concerning all areas of service I offer. Empowerment Plans for: Fitness – Yoga, Pilates, strength training – Group, buddy, personal training Nutrition Navigating – Accountability, behavior change, and tools to assist in health, healing, & pain relief. Cessation of _________________? (I specialize in “Quitting!” through my own journey of recovery from various obstacles.) Also, enjoy aromatherapy while experiencing the Infrared Sauna, & detox your troubles & pain away!