Jamie Francis, MSPT

Physical Therapist

My passion in life is to help people remember that they are powerful, beautiful, and divine beings, and that they have everything they need already within. My deepest belief is that all things can be brought into the light, with love, patience, and courage. My own spiritual journey and healing process has proven this over and over, and I know this to be true for others. When we are open to healing and growing, everything in existence moves in accordance with this process to allow evolution to occur. And when we need some guidance, that help manifests. I am honored to be able offer my help with deep respect. In the clinic space, I offer an eclectic mix of bodywork therapies including neurological modalities, craniosacral therapy, energy work, scar, fascial, and visceral work, as well as many hypnotherapy and guided meditation tools. I am particularly gifted at working with women, children, men who want to work on their relationship with women and their own inner feminine, those who consider themselves to be empathic or sensitive, and those who want to grow intuitively and spiritually. I work non-denominationally and welcome and respect people of all backgrounds. I believe that we all can heal ourselves, but that sometimes we walk around feeling blindfolded or in dark. I am here to help light the way for your healing and transformation.