Jackie Ambrow

Certified Hypnotherapist

I’m Jackie: Joy Gypsy Mom. Human Catalyst. Transformational Anthropologist — Likely the World’s First Applied Hypnotherapeutic Anthropologist. Helping you expand what’s possible for you and your world is my very favorite thing to do. I’m an Applied Hypnotherapeutic Anthropologist. (You may call me a Transformational Anthropologist for short.) Let’s break that down a bit: Anthropologist: Anthropologists study everything about humans and what makes us human. In the United States, the field of anthropology includes four subfields: language, culture, the physical/biological body, and archaeology (what past cultures leave behind). Personally I trained most in the first three subfields and mix all that together with everything I learned in medical school and in my psychology degree. Hypnotherapeutic: As a Certified Hypnotherapist and Advanced EFT Practitioner, I use Hypnotherapy and EFT as tools to help people achieve their goals and create more success, health and happiness. Understanding how the mind and subconscious behavior work are powerful tools for helping people and organizations replace what no longer serves them with what they consciously desire. Applied: When people tell me what they want and can’t quite seem to make happen, I ask good questions, like, What’s missing, the presence of which would make all the difference? Then I use a holistic, mulitidisciplinary approach to create practical solutions to real world problems. I am a Masters-level practitioner of Applied Anthropology. Transformational: I label myself a Transformational Anthropologist because I use what I know to help human beings change themselves and their world for the better.