Inochi Incorporated offers both Yoga Therapy and Yoga Classes. Yoga Therapy sessions give detailed instruction for postures which are specific to the issue being addressed. To ensure the best alignment in your therapeutic practice, you will be taught modifications that allow you to move through your protocol safely. A consistent practice can be transformational…these classes will find poses for your personal practice. Students attending our general Yoga classes can expect to learn several of the classical poses during the class, with additional emphasis on alignment and breath. All Yoga classes are included in your membership package, except Workshops and Private Yoga Sessions. HOW WE PRACTICE PILATES Our therapeutic Pilates Classes focus on alignment, balance and providing support for the bones through resistance, impact and standing exercises. All of our Pilates teachers have been certified in the Buff Bones® protocol and are comprehensively trained in mat work and on the Pilates equipment. The modifications for those clients with low bone density are offered in all of our classes (EXCEPT as otherwise stated in the description of the class) and clients are encouraged to alert their teacher to any changes in bone strength as diagnosed by their medical provider.