Heidi Duskey

Health Coach

Why aren’t I functioning at my highest level? In 2003 when I was introduced to coaching, I was intrigued. I wondered if coaching might help me guide clients in discerning valued answers to this question for themselves. I coach today because the methodologies work. They provide my clients with the insight needed to answer their most important questions. This is gratifying for me and growth-promoting for them. ​ My clients report outcomes of enhanced well-being and self-efficacy, improved effectiveness and productivity, team-connectedness, and the adoption of healthy behaviors. They experience improved relationships and communication in their daily lives and manage time more effectively. Some have been promoted, improved their customer-service skills, or landed their dream job. Others have lost 50 pounds, participated in their first road race, or enjoy improved sleep and management of chronic pain, stress, and negative emotions. I am credentialed as a Professional Certified Coach through the International Coaching Federation and hold an MS in Health Psychology. I present at various professional conferences, have authored or co-authored articles for leading fitness journals, company blogs, the American College of Sports Medicine, and peer-reviewed journals. I enjoy teaching and have assisted in a coaching psychology course at the Harvard University Extension School. I am also a Harnisch Scholar at the Institute of Coaching and co-investigator researching the efficacy of coaching to reduce clinician burnout. ​ ​