Harvey Pearlman

Holistic Healing/Massage Therapist

“As a licensed and certified Massage Therapist for 25 years, and with extensive and continuing post-graduate course work in BodyTalk™, I feel like a brand new therapist who wants everyone to experience the value of massage therapy– and especially what BodyTalk™ can do for their health and quality of life.” “BodyTalk™ is an innovative system that has changed the way I view health and healing forever! My entire professional and personal life has been profoundly affected in so many positive ways. I see patients and all humanity from a completely new perspective. My compassion, understanding and spiritual link with others has expanded far beyond my expectations. Because of these gifts which I can bring to the healing partnership, I feel more than ever a renewed and deepened commitment to provide excellent care for people who are willing to let go of their pain.” “My message to you is this: if you have muscular aches, pain, stress and fatigue, or if you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, this may be the right time to experience the incredibly fast and long-lasting benefits of the BodyTalk System™.” “As an introduction to this gentle, unique process, I offer you a complementary consultation to encourage you to learn about and experience the improvement and well-being that is possible–and that you are capable of achieving!” Yours in Good Health and Joy in Life,