Gina Beitmirza

Clinical Nutritionist

I believe the root of most health problems is gut health and one way I use to help resolve this gut problem is to test for food sensitivities – my specialty! Most clients find me because they have been searching for answers to what is going on with their digestion, assimilation, and elimination body processes. The mainstream medical community has medications and treatments but seems to lack in providing long-term healing answers to the gut problem. Many of my clients have been through multiple tests and treatments that have not resolved the gut problem. Those clients seeking core healing can find me via the Internet. After talking with me you will understand how my training, certifications and many years of experience with patients and clients helped heal their gut problems. This is my passion and why I became a nutritionist. I’m here to help you resolve your health mysteries by understanding how the food you are eating is either supporting or sabotaging your health. If you are interested in moving forward there are some things I suggest that will help you get to the bottom of your health issues. First, you need to know what minerals and vitamins you have a deficiency and secondly, you need to know to what foods you are sensitive. You see, the GI (GastroIntestinal) is a very complex system and because so many of the foods in our country are overloaded with processed additives, chemicals, hormones, and antibiotics we tend to have a lot of GI issues. Yet, there have been great advancements with technologies and lab tests that give us the data to help dissolve the mystery of what’s going on inside the gut. As a nutritionist, I see a lot of people who are needlessly suffering. But after working with them phenomenal healing results have occurred. Let me teach you how to get in better shape nutritionally and help you get back to optimal health. The body is always working hard to maintain and get back to homeostasis. Let Gina B., your nutritionist, help in that process.