Gary Clyman


I am the luckiest man in the world. I planned it this way. I practice as much as I can, talk on the phone, sell DVDs, treat patients, see clients, talk on my cell phone, and live the life that most Tai Chi students and instructors can only dream of.

I love what I do and love helping people improve their personal and professional lives. I look forward to speaking with you.

I began my Tai Chi career in 1974 in Chicago. I studied and teach Temple Style Tai Chi Ch’uan as taught by Master Waysun Liao. I studied with two of his top instructors and received corrections from him in a class for about 18 months. You might have read his book entitled “The Tai Chi Classics” published by Shambala Press.

I took my Tai Chi practice very seriously from the beginning. In a short while, my practice had developed into a full time job, requiring between 6-10 hours per day of personal practice. While others were developing careers and families, I was busy developing my Tai Chi. I excelled and was passed from teacher to teacher within The Temple Style Tai Chi Ch’uan System.

I had about 100 private consultations with Master Liao. He never checked my technique. We always talked until all my current questions were completely answered. He never held back from me. In 1977 I asked Master Liao, “what level am I equal to?” Even though I was only in my third year of training, his response was “equal to a 15-20 year student.” That was in 1977.

I am proof that anyone can become good at Tai Chi. You don’t need natural ability, special physical skills, innate athleticism, good genes… All you need is to practice, follow directions, and don’t stop learning. Oh yeah, burning desire would be helpful.

Temple Style Tai Chi Ch’uan as passed from Master to disciple is a real Tai Chi system. It includes all aspects of the highly revered and famous art. It includes forms, standing and sitting meditations martial art applications and fighting, two person sensitivity training and high performance endurance training. Rarely will you find a Tai Chi system like this. Masters from all over the country come to study with me on an ongoing basis.

I was originally taught Chi Kung as “the icing on the cake” to my professional Tai Chi training. These energy cultivation techniques were usually withheld and taught to only a chosen few. I was one of those few. Now, these techniques, Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung, Mind Light™ Nei Kung and most of Temple Style Tai Chi Ch’uan, are available on video and in special workshops to those interested in learning these powerful, internal techniques to quickly and permanently change their lives for the better.