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Health Coach

Cassie’s Story – Health And Fitness Has Played An Important Role In My Life And Helped Me Find The Strength To Power Through Some Of The Most Challenging Obstacles, Both Mental And Physical. I’ve Made Quite A Lot Of Major Shifts In My Own Personal Path To Fitness And To Become A Wellness Professional. I Was Not Always The Athlete, I Was Not Always Health Conscious. In Fact I Was So Far Removed From This Lifestyle That In My Freshman Year Of College I Was Told I Had High Cholesterol And Spent At Least A Dozens Nights In The E.R. Because My Kidneys Were Suffering From My Poor Health Choices. After Eventually Coming To Terms With What That Could Mean For My Future (Or Lack Their Of) I Had To Teach Myself To Enjoy Eating Well And Taking Care Of Myself. I Learned To Slowly Adopt Habits, To Make Small Changes For Big Results And To Find A Path To Enjoy The Foods That Are Truly Good For Me. I Eventually Made The Choice To Change My Career Path So I Could Help Others Do The Same. Along That Path I… Fractured My Spine In A Cliff Diving Accident, Went On To Be A Competitive Bodybuilder And Powerlifter (Yes In That Order), Received My First Personal Training Certification, And Began Specializing In Back Pain/Injuries. However My Time As A Bodybuilder, Struggling With Body Image And A Broken Relationship With Food Shifted My Focus. I Began Prioritizing Holistic Coaching And Mindset. I Now Work Primarily With Busy Clients With A Broken Or Disordered Relationship With Food To Build A Healthier Lifestyle Through Exercise, Nutrition And Mindset Coaching. A Combination Of Personal Experiences And Working With Clients From Many Backgrounds Over The Past 6 Years Has Taught Me The Best Approach To Guide Lifestyle Change. My Clients Work Through More Than Just Exercising And Watching What They Eat. They Learn To Prioritize Their Health, Listen To Their Body And Improve Everything From Their Sleep Quality To Time Management Skills. It’s Always Worth Taking A Chance On Yourself And Prioritizing Your Wellness. Brian’s Story – I had always been an athlete and played sports growing up, but I was always very skinny and was self conscious because of that, and my confidence was affected. Early in college I got into weightlifting and really fell in love with the never ending challenge that comes with working out. It’s you vs. you and there’s no one to blame but yourself, and the competitor in me thrived on that. I was hitting the gym 6 days a week (too much in retrospect), and making pretty good progress not really knowing what I was doing, I was just working hard. My 1 rep max on bench press went from 175 to 315 in just 8 months, and I gained 20 lbs of muscle overall in that time. Unfortunately I was sustaining a lot of minor injuries along the way that would have remained minor if I had just rested for a day or two, but I wanted to get to my goals so fast, that I thought there wasn’t a day to waste. Long story short, one of those injuries finally got me and I had to stop lifting for a few months and lost a lot of progress. I’m sharing this with you because I have gone through things before receiving all the education I’ve gained throughout my career. I’ve since learned that there’s a much more efficient, safer way to reach your goals than go-go-go “no days off” approach. I want to help you learn from my mistakes and avoid putting yourself in harms way and still maintaining a constant, successful path toward your goals!