Erika Cohane


Sometimes we find ourselves lost or stuck and feeling unable to move forward. It’s in these times where we need support, someone to help us find our way. It is OK to reach out and so important to take care of ourselves. It might seem difficult to do but everyone at some time needs help. Reaching out is an act of courage and can be the start to finding yourself and moving forward once again. Committing to therapy can be the first step and I would be honored to support you on this journey. I have been practicing social work since 1993 when I obtained my Masters degree in Social Work from Florida State University. I began my private practice in 2009 after becoming a licensed Clinical Social Worker and have recently received my certification as a Heart Centered Certified Hypnotherapist through the Wellness Institute. I began my journey in the field working with children and have since moved across the life span to work with many different populations including adults, families, couples, and the elderly. My areas of experience include substance abuse prevention, interpersonal issues, relationship development, positive parenting, depression, anxiety, bipolar, adjustment, life transitions, trauma, disability and special needs. I have a passion for the work I do and I am committed to my clients. I work to help them release self limiting thoughts, heal emotional wounds and develop skills to address their present life challenges. These efforts are with the intention of creating personal growth and self actualization for my clients so they can find their true happiness and improve their quality of life. For additional information or to make an appointment, please call (954) 608-9327 or e-mail me at