Ellen Kratka

Health Coach

About Ellen Kratka I am a Realization Facilitator, which means I help people become aware of the inner truths that will, just by their acknowledgment, free them from limitation, dis-ease, problems of all kinds and anything that is antithetical to wellness and wellbeing. I’ve been doing some version of this work since 1996 for individuals, businesses and organizations, and humanity as a whole. My instrument is insight, which is a combination of direct feeling, clear perception and intuition (which comes from my connection to my spiritual being, that of my clients, and All That Is). Because truth, light and love are intertwined, allowing one (awareness of truth) to grow implies allowing the others to enter and expand one’s sense of oneself. And this means that my clients, along with improving all aspects of their lives, also inevitably grow in self-love. As a “side effect” light and love expand in the overall experience of humanity. I have three purposes in coming to Earth at this time, to let people know (and help them see the truth) that… As spiritual beings they are much more than they think, and in the Earth experience they can draw whatever they need from that being. They are infinitely loved. They, and no one else, are in charge of their lives. As an aspect of my mission I teach people how to shift their consciousness to strengthen whatever weaknesses they are experiencing in their body, mind or spirit and to delete all pain, stress and problems as simply as hitting the delete button on a computer. Those who work with me learn how to eliminate fear and other negative emotions and reactions. Anyone can expand into their full potential by acknowledging their truth, via insight, from moment to moment. This creates an inner strength and wellbeing every minute of the day, which translates into outer manifestations of success in the realms of health, relationships, work/career, finances, performance and youthfulness.