Ellen Bowden

Holistic Health Coach

At the peak of my life, I experienced an acute and unknown medical condition which left me immobilized, exhausted, and in a great deal of pain. During a time period of 9 months, there was no doctor — conventional or alternative — that could relieve my symptoms. As a mother of four, an avid runner, and a Holistic Health & Nutrition Coach, I could not afford to lose my life to an undiagnosable condition. That’s when I stumbled upon the workings of NES. Within months of working with an NES practitioner, my pain was alleviated, my energy was restored, and I was back to my normal self again. Inspired by the NES Wellness System’s ability to heal my physical condition, as well as address my mental and emotional states of being, I became a Certified NES Practitioner and now specialize in treating clients who are suffering from LOW ENERGY, any CHRONIC CONDITION or PHYSICAL ailments that are not responding to traditional or natural approaches. It is a safe, non-invasive and effective approach to healing. This system fully integrates principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Quantum Physics, Biology and Technology and starts the healing process at its source. The aim is to to return integrity to the body’s energetic field and support the body’s innate ability to heal itself. Once information flow is restored, the physical body returns to health. Distortions in the Energy Field can arise from many sources such as poor diet, environmental toxins, viruses, stress, EMF’s, limiting beliefs, thoughts, emotions and even traumas we have suffered.