Eleanor Hooper

Holistic Psychotherapist

Hello darlings, I’m so glad you found us! My name is Eleanor Medina and I created The Makaranda Method because I believe the world needs a new kind of therapy. Although our sessions are online, the practices and teachings I offer ALWAYS connect you back with nature directly. Far too often, therapists look for the sickness. “What is wrong?” they ask. Instead, I aim to understand you. I teach about wholeness, asking “What does your behavior mean? Where does this come from? What can we learn about your wounding so we can thank your protectors & with compassion, shift your attention to live in the present moment?” I offer tools like meditation & loving kindness practices. You have to opportunity to learn how to slow down your mind enough to listen to your bodies clear messages. I believe the answers we need are already inside, we just have to learn to deeply listen with curiosity. I take a very active approach in this therapeutic, coaching blend and I ask you to do that same. If you are ready to deeply look inside and push yourself emotionally, spiritually, physically, intellectually, and financially, then you’re in the right place.