Dr. Traci Pennock, BA, DC


Welcome.  As a functional wellness practitioner, I recognize that each of us is a beautifully complex creation, designed with intricate and interwoven systems that work together to support life and health.  My approach to care addresses structural, functional and emotional well-being to maximize your unique health potential.

I do not diagnose or treat disease.  Instead, I help my patients repair, fortify and balance the body’s inborn mechanisms of health.  Your body is designed to do its own healing everyday.  My focus is on identifying and correcting some of the obstacles and supporting proper physiology.  There are no magic cures or quick fixes.  Health is the result of our daily choices and actions over time.  However, it is possible to rebuild and maintain health.

Using methods such as wellness coaching, nutrition and herbal support, chiropractic, allergy elimination (NAET), and energy balancing, I provide natural resources for you and your body to use in creating health.  Here, you are empowered and supported to improve lifestyle, better manage stress, correct insufficiencies, eliminate interferences, and aid normal body functions.

My style is simple, intuitive and paced to give each person the time and attention needed.  I listen and support your goals, provide hands on service, share insights and direction, and celebrate your victories.

If you are looking for ways to maintain your good health, this is foundational support.  Or, if you are struggling and no one has looked at your whole health picture, searched for WHY you are experiencing dysfunction, and then customized a wellness approach, then this is a powerful way to make a shift forward.

Let’s maximize your potential for greater wellness.