Dr. Tobi Sheiker


Chiropractic and the healing process light me right up. I am so passionate about enhancing peoples lives by giving them the ability to return to what they wish to do without pain and dysfunction.

I believe that people are doing the best that they know how, in health and life. But, I also feel that we all need mentors and teachers that will help us rise to a new level to better ourselves and our health.

I feel that I am a constant work in progress, always evolving in how I care for myself, my kids, and my patients. The more I learn and grow, the more I share and help. So, I hope to help patients evolve and heal into better versions of themselves.

I have been in love with chiropractic since 1996, after I was involved in a terrible car accident that could have ended my life.  Although I wouldn’t wish that on anyone, it was serendipitous, because that accident led me to discover a new world in chiropractic that was definitely meant for me to find.

I became a chiropractor in 2000, and found my niche with the torque release technique (TRT) in 2003.  I am thrilled to offer a version of chiropractic that many people are unaware exists, and that is ideal for those wary or afraid or skeptical.  TRT offers hope to those with fusions, rods, chronic or acute pain, decreased energy or sense of well being, pregnancy and pediatric care, and everything in between.

I  also treat people as a whole, and do not just focus on the spine. I have been called “the extremity queen”, as there is not a joint in the body that I will not help to correct. I promote a healthy lifestyle to improve and  allow the healing process.   This involves healthy eating habits (my family and I  eat mostly organic, non GMO food that is gluten, dairy, and chemical free),  reduced toxic load (no/low chemicals in body care or house care), stress management, such as meditation, yoga, and time with nature, and an appropriate amount of sleep (free from interference).

When I am not taking care of people at the office, I am spending time with my twin boys (2013)  and my daughter (2011). We love to be in nature, to swim, walks, the beach, anything involving food, reading, yoga, art.

I cannot wait to share my new space and new practitioners with you and your family.