Dr. Shawn Carlin


​Need a Chiropractor in Danbury, Connecticut? Our chiropractor, Dr. Shawn Carlin, provides gentle, safe, and effective chiropractic care for the whole family. His mission as a chiropractor is to help patients from newborn to ninety successfully handle health challenges using state of the art instruments, primarily, the Activator. His techniques involve a thorough analysis of your entire body and do not use any twisting, torquing, or cracking of your spine to administer an adjustment.

The effects of the adjustment immediately offer a sense of well being and vitality, as well as balancing the spine and reducing pain.

Dr. Shawn counsels and recommends living a balanced life including proper nutrition, regular exercise and stress management. He lectures on chiropractic care and its role in a balanced and healthy lifestyle as well as how to juggle all the challenges we have in creating a healthy life.

Choose Evolution Chiropractic of Danbury for a quality chiropractor in the Danbury, Bethel, and New Fairfield, CT area.