Dr. Samantha Brish


Dr. Sam is a Brighton, MI native who recently completed her Doctor of Chiropractic and Masters in Sport Science & Rehabilitation degrees at Logan University in St. Louis, Missouri. Prior to that, she completed her Bachelor of Science in Movement Science at the University of Michigan.

Dr. Sam lives a very active lifestyle. She is an avid marathon runner, triathlete, and weight lifter who has a passion for helping active individuals of all ages. She truly believes in leading a chiropractic lifestyle that includes focus on both physical and emotional health. She has a passion for movement and nutrition because she knows that health is not just about how you feel but is about how you’re able to move and function on a daily basis. She has a unique skill set that includes various treatment options that will surely suit anyone’s needs.

Dr. Sam’s goal is to bring holistic healing to the people of her community and to help them live their best, most fulfilling lives. If you have activity goals, health goals, or simply want to live better, Dr. Sam wants to help.